Cotton Canvases

This Quantum Art Cotton Student stretched canvas variant of 100% pure cotton weighs 400 grams per m² and with 21.5 x 19 threads per cm² it has a fine structure.

• Frame depth - 17mm, 21mm or 40mm
• Premium quality canvas, made in Europe
• Suitable for the following painting techniques: oil colours, acrylic colours, water mixable oil colours.
• Universal preparation, applied by hand; 1 layer of natural glue and 2 layers of acid-free, acrylic-based gesso.
• The natural glue guarantees excellent stretch properties.
• The high-quality primer stops oil penetrating and guarantees an excellent adhesion for oil and acrylic colours.
• Strong softwood canvas stretcher.
• Diagonal and cross laths provide extra sturdiness for the larger sizes.
• Fitted with extra beech wood pegs for retensioning.
• Beading (rounded raised edge) ensures the canvas does not touch the frame.
• Available in several sizes.